The staff at Tel Yehudah is comprised primarily of college students, graduates, and educators, many of whose own lives have been enriched by Tel Yehudah and the Young Judaea experience.  Each staff member both embodies the values Tel Yehudah sets forth and contributes a unique set of attributes, skills, and knowledge that help create the amazing community and high-quality programs we enjoy each summer.

We have high standards and expectations of the staff we select to lead our community.  Our staff must be mature, responsible adults with a passion for building community, working as part of a team, and a thirst for learning that is passed on to the teens they live with.  It is integral that applicants have a GENUINE interest in working with young people and are ready to put our teens above themselves to ensure the highest quality, safe, and fun summer experience for our participants.

For programmatic staff, we seek applicants who have strong skills in a teaching area, have a strong connection to Judaism and Zionism (each in his/her own way) and are sincerely committed to fostering a similar connection within our teens.  Applicants must have completed one year or college or the equivalent to apply for a programmatic position at Tel Yehudah.

A unique component of our staff is the delegation of Israeli specialists and counselors who enrich the cultural aspect of our programming and further our goal of connecting our campers to the Jewish homeland.  In addition, we hire a handful of other international staff members to enhance the international flavor and introduce a greater diversity of perspectives within our community.

Though varied in background, our staff are, first and foremost, positive role models for our campers who dedicate their summers to enriching their campers’ lives.

All staff members must pass through a rigorous screening and selection process in order to receive a job offer.  This includes a thorough online application, in-person or web-based interview (with video capability), multiple reference checks, and a criminal background check.  All hired staff are also required to attend 7-14 days* (dependent on role)  of pre-summer training and orientation to learn and understand their responsibilities, camp procedures, and prepare the summer program and activities.


The thousands of campers and staff members who have passed through Tel Yehudah and Young Judaea camps demonstrate an unsurpassed loyalty and commitment to camp, to each other, and to welcoming new people into the YJ family.  Not only the memories, but the friends and the experiences last long beyond the summer.

If you want a challenging experience that will provide you with personal and professional growth and development, consider joining the Tel Yehudah staff.


  • Become a role model and make a difference in the lives of teenagers
  • Take on the serious responsibility of caring for others
  • Acquire valuable work experience that will also translate into impressive resumé builders
  • Gain leadership experience that will serve you well into the future
  • Develop and sharpen personal skill sets, including communication, collaboration, program design, team building, problem-solving, conflict-resolution, and more
  • Live in an immersive Jewish community and deepen your connection to Judaism and Israel
  • Gain an understanding of adolescent development
  • Forge and maintain great friendships with fellow staff members that will last long after the summer ends
  • Work hard
  • Have fun!

The life-changing experience of working at Camp Tel Yehudah is challenging, rewarding, and an excellent piece for your resumé.

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We will begin accepting applications for the 2016 summer season at Tel Yehudah in the early Fall.  To review types of positions that we are hiring for, visit our Job Descriptions page.

Important Note: Young Judaea does not allow potential staff members to submit applications to more than one Young Judaea summer program at the same time. By filling out this application, you understand that you are pursuing employment with Camp Tel Yehudah for Summer 2016 only and do not have an active or open staff application for another Young Judaea summer program at this time. If you are considering employment at multiple Young Judaea summer programs, please contact each program with questions prior to applying.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Tel Yehudah summer team before applying, please email Jamie Maxner, Associate Director, at


Dates will be announced in the early Fall when we begin hiring our Summer 2016 team.  Staff are required to report to camp between 1-2 weeks prior to the arrival of the campers, depending on position, to participate in mandatory staff orientation and training.  Some staff members will also need to arrive early in order to complete position-specific certification courses.

  1. Marcia Conron Baum

    Welcome, all first-time TY staff, from the mom of a 1st time-TY camper.
    Wishing you all the best times and memories to be created in the Summer of 2012!

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